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We support the right of every individual to believe and practise what he/she chooses. However, we also oppose the intrusion of religious influence into the political sphere; history shows that using religious texts as the basis for laws and government leads to injustice and conflict. We believe in a secular society, where government is totally separate from religion, but where people are also free to follow their beliefs in their place of worship. These T-shirts are for people who want to protest against the influence of religion on our society. Our shirts are not intended to offend individual believers, but to make a point about organised religion, which often has a negative influence on society, acting as a brake on artistic expression and education. The emergence of religious ideology in politics results in the discrimination against those of other ideologies, whether they are religious or secular in nature. These religious T-shirts will appeal to atheists, agnostics, people with spiritual beliefs who do not follow an organized religion, and tolerant followers of mainstream religions such as Islam and Christianity.

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