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Be Afraid T-shirt

How much should we worry about swine flu? How likely are you to be killed in a plane crash? Where will the terrorists strike next? Do you know how many people are killed each year by infections caught while staying in hospital? Household accidents kill thousands every year. The media wants to keep us stressed and alert to their messages. It keeps us watching. It keeps the advertising dollars coming in.

be afraid t-shirt, swine flu, h1n1 Be Afraid T-shirt

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Text on the front of the T-shirt says: "BE AFRAID: Terrorists, nuclear war, anthrax, dirty bombs, dirty hands, infections, hospitals, swine flu, bird flu, any kind of flu, AIDS, cancer, heart attacks, misdiagnoses, pesticides, chemicals, aspartame, bad food, not enough exercise, too much exercise, cigarettes, passive smoking, forest fires, skiing accidents, accidents at home, tornadoes, volcanoes, global warming, flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, lightning, snakes, sharks, bears, alligators, insects, parasites, criminals, the mafia, psychopaths, immigrants, natives, the government, radicals, extremists, muslims, racists, neo-nazis, strangers, junkies, the poor, the rich, road rage, cars, planes, trains, jet skis, guns, knives, scissors, all pointed things, drowning, dehydration, overhydration, falling over, sitting down too long, standing up too quick, choking, marijuana, cocaine, Coca-Cola, alcohol, drugs, overdoses, earthbound satellite debris, aliens, Iraq, Iran, the Middle East, the rest of the world, things you've never heard of, stuff they don't even know about yet, anxiety, stress, the boss, God, the Devil, your ex, daddy, mommy... somewhere, somehow... something is going to get you.

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