Ban T-shirts: Political T-shirts & Environmental Organic T-shirts

Organic Cotton T-shirts

Organic cotton T-shirts from Ban T-shirts. These designs are printed on t-shirts made of independently certified organically produced cotton. We use well-known quality brands: American Apparel and Royal Apparel. These organic cotton t-shirts are made in the United States.

the last fish green t-shirt PRISM NSA T-shirt moai earth t-shirt bycatch overfishing t-shirt humanitarian intervention t-shirt Sitting Bull T-shirt human being t-shirt If terrorists poisoned the water... stop fracking t-shirt Global warming t-shirt anti koch brothers t-shirt bicycle fish hummer t-shirt anti harper t-shirt creativity not conflict t-shirt frog t-shirt Anarchy T-shirt say no to GMOs t-shirt anti-monsanto t-shirt there is no planet b t-shirt stop shark finning t-shirt Scared for Sharks T-shirt Relax Gringo, I'm Legal T-shirt peace symbol t-shirt green pot t-shirt I support free trade buffalo bison skull t-shirt Read Chomsky T-shirt red star green t-shirt only sheep need a shepherd t-shirt sos earth t-shirt hate mail t-shirt illegal immigration started in 1492 T-shirt thought criminal t-shirt pro-choice t-shirt capitalism does not equal democracy t-shirt Custer had it coming T-shirt reiki t-shirt EZLN t-shirt capitol of war t-shirt war is peace t-shirt blue bike fish shirt we are the people we've been waiting for t-shirt butterfly t-shirt

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We also have some long sleeved organic shirts.

25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of pesticides are used in the production of cotton. Conventionally grown cotton uses 3% of the world's available farmland but uses 25% of the world's pesticides and chemical fertilisers. These chemicals infiltrate the food chain, irritate our skin and degrade the environment. Organic cotton is grown chemical-free. Go organic and make a commitment to a healthier more sustainable world.

So why go organic? When you decide between standard cotton and organic cotton you make a decision that has important consequences for the environment. By choosing organic you are respecting the planet and saying no to the pollution of the soil, water and air with chemicals and pesticides.