Dinosaurs Against Creationism T-shirt


Dinosaurs against creationism T-shirt. Creationists do not believe in evolution, instead preferring to interpret the Bible literally. They believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and that it was created in just 6 days. They are not content with just holding such wacky beliefs themselves, they want to force them upon our children in our schools. The great Bill Hicks had a one word retort to creationists: “Dinosaurs”. It’s a safe bet that if dinosaurs were still around today they would be protesting against creationism!



American made cotton T-shirt in men’s and women’s styles. (Please note this shirt is not made with organic cotton).



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Women's Small, Women's Medium, Women's Large, Women's XLarge, Men's Small, Men's Medium, Men's Large, Men's XLarge, Men's XXL, Men's 3XL


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