Men’s T-shirts measurements. Women’s styled T-shirts measurements.
XSMALL 30-32 inch chest
28-30 inch waist
SMALL 34-36 inch chest
30-32 inch waist
Chest: 30-32 inches
Waist: 25-26 inches
MEDIUM 38-40 inch chest
32-33 inch waist
Chest: 32-34 inches
Waist: 27-28 inches
LARGE 42-44 inch chest
33-34 inch waist
WOMEN’S LARGE Size: 8-10
Chest: 36-38 inches
Waist: 30-32 inches
X-LARGE 46-48 inch chest
36-38 inch waist
WOMEN’S X-LARGE Size: 12-14
Chest: 40-42 inches
Waist: 33-35 inches
XXL 48-50 inch chest
40-42 inch waist
WOMEN’S XXL Size: 16-18
Chest: 44-46 inches
Waist: 36-38 inches
3XL 50-52 inch chest
44-48 inch waist

How do you check your size? Get your favorite T-shirt, lay it on a flat surface and measure the width across the chest (from armpit to armpit). Double it. So for example, if your T-shirt measures 21 inches from armpit to armpit, you should double it to 42 inches. Check the table above. In our example a 42 inch measurement would equate to a men’s large (or a women’s X-large). NOTE: Some people find that these shirts run smaller than other brands, especially in women’s sizes, so check your size and if in doubt it is usually better to go for the larger size.

Remember these sizes are the measurements of the shirt itself (not the person who is wearing it) and are approximate – there may be slight variations between shirts.

Washing instructions: Wash warm (30°C/86°F), do not bleach, dry low. DO NOT IRON THE PRINTED AREA! Most shirts can shrink very slightly after their first wash.

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