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Sweat shop free T-shirts

If you have been searching the web for a political T-shirt you will have noticed that the majority of T-shirt retailers print their designs on T-shirts that are NOT sweat shop free, and that are NOT made in the USA.

American Apparel Sweat Shop Free T-shirts Made in downtown L.A.

At Ban T-shirts, however, we made a decision to print our designs on American made sweat shop free t-shirts. We believe that it is important to support businesses that pay their workers a decent living wage, and to support the local economy.

So next time some "patriotic" citizen criticises you for wearing your left-wing or liberal T-shirt ask them where their shirt was made. Nine times out of ten it will have been made in China or a third world sweatshop.

What brands do we use? We use American Apparel and Royal Apparel.

the last fish t-shirt printed on Organic Apparel sweat shop free t-shirts There is no planet B t-shirt printed on Royal Apparel sweat shop free t-shirts