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We love to get feedback from people about our political t-shirts and about the site. These are some of the comments we have received.

General comments on Ban T-shirts:

My order...
Was AWESOME! I love what you guys do. "Market Forces: US World Tour" is a particularly ingenius design. I gifted it to my friend who studies economics and foreign policy, and he fell in love with it. Keep up the awesome work!!
J. Tyler, GA.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know what a great business you have. Every time I order it ships out so quickly and arrives soon as well. I love your products and the service that goes along with it... it is a rare thing these days to find a product I like from a business that is so professional and efficient!
Amanda, WI.

Dear Mr. Carson,
Around January 5th I bought a "Flower Guns T-Shirt" off your website. I paid $22.50 including shipping charges. To my surprise upon coming home on the 9th low and behold it was in my mailbox. Thank you very much. My father is a Vietnam Vet who served his country and is now a local activist for peace. When I showed him the shirt he remarked how very proud of me he was for getting it. He recalled the protests when he came home of young Americans who were putting flowers in the guns of National Guardsmen. I will wear this shirt with pride and tell everyone I know to take a look at your website. The price I paid was very reasonable and the speed at which I received it was quick. Thank you again for your services and I wish you health and happiness in this New Year.

I just wanted to say Thank You. It was simple to order and I received the order way faster than I anticipated. It was the best service I have received ordering online, way better than the big guys. Thank You again.
C. Tomlin

Hey! Just emailing to let you know what a great service you offer. I love your t-shirts and designs. Just recently I bought your "Fight War Not Wars" shirt. I purchased it on Sunday and receieved it in the mail on Thursday. The shirt looks amazing and fits great. Keep doing what you do. I'll be sure to buy from you again.
-One extremely satisfied customer

Just received the T's, they look awesome, thank you very much. Now let's see how quick I can re-order...

I love your website and what you represent - even if I do not agree with all - who does?
Do you ever take t-shirt suggestions from your fans? Ex: "Got Darwin?"
Keep talking to the ignorant hypocrites who write all that hate mail (in the name of a loving God?) and perhaps they will throw away their crutch/bible and stand on their own two legs,

I'm really impressed. I love your site, great, creative tees, and my order got here so promptly. Keep up the great work. I will definitely be back to order more! THanks so much! - Liz, Atlanta.

Hello. So, I ordered the EZLN t-shirt that you guys have on your web site and I just received it today. It got here so quickly and it looks wonderful. :) I can't wait to wear it. You guys are great. - Amira, Pennsylvania.

I'm an environmental science major at the University of Michigan and just received your tees in the mail. I wore the neo-con artists shirt to school the day after receiving it. In a class on global sustainability, the professor had the classroom of about 80 students look at their neighbor's shirt tag to see where it was made. In the class of around 80, my shirt and only one other was made in the US. The disconnect the masses have with the sources of their goods and services is astonishing. I wear your shirts not only to make a statement on my chest, but to make a larger statement about my consumer choices. Thanks to the information superhighway, you can choose to buy locally/regionally at competitive prices. Laziness, apathy, and corporate hypnotism unfortunately prevent more people from making informed decisions. Screw religious morality, pray for economic morality. - Aaron, Michigan.

Thanks for the shirts. I'm sure I'll place another order -- I've jettisoned all of my shirts with advertising I can't support with my soul. Bye, bye swooshes, polo boys and any other freeloaders. Thanks again for delivering as advertised and as promised. - Tom, California

My last order was awesome had to get some more, best shirts around by far, keep it up! - Joe, NV

You rock. - Laura, NY

Thanks and keep up the brilliant website. I just decided to blow some paypal money today and the t-shirts were awesome. - Ian, Ireland

Keep up the good fight! - Desmond, NY


Thank you for all that you do. - Tom, Seattle

Your shirts are freekin' funny! - Marjory, NJ

You guys are awesome! - Charles, OK

You make sweet stuff. - Todd, PA

Nice shirts, keep it up. - David, VA

Great shirts, keep them coming. - Matthew, MA

I love the site. Better than T-shirt hell. - Paul, NJ