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U.S. World Tour: Market Forces T-shirt

"Protecting American interests around the world" means supporting whichever foreign government favors American corporations, whether they are democracies or dictatorships. Leaders who don't support America's mission are removed by any means necessary, even when they have popular support. Millions have died in order to ensure the steady supply of oil and other resources to the American market. "Market Forces", far from being "free", are enforced by the Armed Forces. For more information about the incursions and American sponsored guerilla warfare in the countries listed on this T-shirt, see below.

U.S. World Tour T-shirt Market Forces U.S. World Tour T-shirt U.S. World Tour T-shirt Back

Model: Eleanor Goldfield, vocalist with Rooftop Revolutionaries. Photos: Andrea Cangioli.

The list of countries on the T-shirt is a partial list of the countries where the United States has played a role in regime change or influencing the governments of the countries in question through military force (either with US forces or by proxy).
Timeline of United States military operations.
Covert United States foreign regime change actions.
United States and state terrorism.
An insight into the tactics used by the US government and the issues raised can be found in the 1986 case of the International Court of Justice "Nicaragua v. United States".

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